Thursday, June 28, 2007

Long Time...No Post

Well, it's been a while everyone. We have been at kamp since May 17th and this is our first opportunity to post some pictures. I had the hardest time deciding which picture to post, but after many options, I decided on this one. I couldn't have posed her better myself. So many things have happened and Zoey has grown and changed so much since we've been here. Instead of a paragraph of info, how about a top 10 list of interesting things that has happened to the Cribbs Family.

Here we go...

#10...Zoey learned to blow raspberries a couple of weeks ago. She thinks they're really funny.

#9...Dave celebrated his first official Father's Day with his baby girl. Technically, he was a father last summer when I was prego, but this year Zoey gave him his gift...a black fleece vest from REI.

#8...Zoey went swimming for the first time a couple of days ago. She was pretty indifferent about it. She didn't love it but she certainly didn't hate it. PS-she looks adorable in her bathing suit.

#7...Zoey turned 5 months on May 28th. At the time she weighed 15 lbs and measured 27inches. She's getting so big.

#6...Dave got a black eye here at kamp. I like to tell people that he ticked me off and I let him have it, but the truth is he was launching a water rocket and the bottle came up and pegged him right in the eye. Nice shiner.

#5...Zoey learned to play peek-a-boo. When I lay a burp cloth over her and ask her, "Where's Zoey?" she pulls it off and smiles. Cuteness.

#4...Zoey is 6 months old today. We haven't weighed or measured her, yet, but she is long and skinny but she's got the cutest chunky thighs. She's wearing 9 month outfits but only because she needs the extra length. She can still wear a pair of 0-3 month shorts.

#3...Dave is going to sign up for another adventure race that takes place in September. Usually he and his teammates do the Booger County race, but this year they're considering the Berryman which is a 36 hour race.

#2...Zoey is getting close to sitting up by herself but she still needs to learn to not throw herself back. She really enjoys sitting upright because she has access to all of her toys.

And the number one thing that has happened to our family is...

#1...On Tuesday, June 26th...I turned 30!!!!!!!!!!!!

New pictures posted on Flickr