Monday, November 30, 2009

conversations with Zoey... first installment

Daddy: "Ok, guys. I'm heading to class."
-passes out kisses to everyone
Zoey: "Oh-tay. Be careful. Love you. Come home soon."
-said all in one continuous sentence

Mama: "What are you doing, Zo?"
-asked as Zoey is leaning over the kitchen trash can
Zoey: "Just spitting."
-however, she can't say the 'sp' sound so it comes out as a bad word
Mama: "Why?"
-trying not to laugh
Zoey: "I took a drink and I had too much water in my mouth."
-said while laughing

Zoey: "I hear the ocean."
-said as she holds a sock up to her ear

Mama: "Zoey are you all done going potty?"
Zoey: "Yep. That's all I got."

Mama: "Zoey, who do you want to pray for tonight?"
Zoey: "Grammy, Papa, Millie, Witty, Leo, Dosh."
Mama: "Do you mean Uncle Josh?"
Zoey: "Yeah, Unka Dosh, Unka Witty, Unka Leo, Unka Grammy, Unka Papa, etc..."

As I was taking off Zoey's wet diaper after naptime...
Zoey: "My diaper's a wittle wet. I tied to stay dry."
Mama: "It's OK, Zo. I know you tried."
Zoey: "I tied but the peepee keeped coming out."

-Zoey was looking through the clean clothes basket and came across her new hat and mitten set. At first she could only find one of the mittens. Zoey: "Here's the hat, but there are supposed to be two glubs. Where's the other glub?"

Zoey: "I need something to cuddle with."

Zoey: "First we're gonna go to the zoo and get all the animals and take them on the ark."

-Zoey was going #2 on the potty while Ruby was in the bathtub splashing. Zoey: "Woo-be. This is the truth! No splashing while I'm going poo-poo." -said VERY firmly

-Ruby was trying to get to a lamp cord but Zoey intercepted her and had this very firm, but loving conversation with her. Zoey: "Woo-be, this is the truth. Obey the Lord your God and do His word. Deuteronomy 27:10. This is not for play. It's a no-no. We can't play with this. This is the last time, Woo-be, do." (Woo-be, do = nickname for her.)

This last one was, by far, my favorite. The best part was the last phrase. Even though in the midst of loving correction, Zoey chose to use Ruby's nickname to make it personal. I love keeping a record of all of these precious conversations. I'm sure there will be more to come, soon.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

our family

This was taken at Ruby's dedication this past Sunday at our church. It's rare that we get a shot of all of us looking in the same direction and even more of Zoey smiling a "real" smile. Way to go, Erika.
On another note, check out my new favorite site for editing pictures for free.