Thursday, August 28, 2008


Leo Joshua Wiese
7lbs, 9oz, 19 3/4in
born at 9:09pm
Erika, my hero, pushed for three hours to get this little guy out. She is exhausted and completely in love with her son. He is absolutely beautiful and I will get some pictures out later today. Already we can tell that Leo has a very laid back personality...just like his daddy. During his bath and check-up he just chilled and only let out a couple of little peeps. I can't even begin to tell you what it was like for me to see my little sister holding her own child. While we were waiting in the lobby, it was impossible for me to picture her with her own baby. But, as soon as we walked into her room and saw her holding him, it was like watching the most natural thing ever. She looks like she was born to be Leo's mom. The look of love on her face was something I will never forget.
The Wiese family is going to rest this morning and we'll have a chance to see them a little later this afternoon. As of last night, breastfeeding was going very well but please continue to pray for Leo to nurse well.
I have never been more proud of my sister than I am right now. She is truly a warrior.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


7lbs, 9oz
born at 9:09pm
that's all we far

she's pushing

I came back to the hospital at 5:30pm and spent time with Erika and Josh...and the rest of the fam...for almost an hour. Heather came in to check Erika's progress at 6:15pm. We all waited in the hallway and the nurse came out to tell us that we would need to head to the waiting room because Erika was going to start pushing. Yippee!!! Well, it's 8:20pm and we haven't heard anything from Josh, yet. We keep stopping by the nurse's station for updates. Erika is doing great. The baby is making progress and they've decided to turn down her epidural to help Erika feel more while she pushes. We can't wait for Josh to come in the waiting room and give us the news. Every time the door opens, we all hold our breath. We've been making predictions as to what they will name the baby and what time he'll be born and how much he'll weigh. My guess is that he'll be born at 8:27pm, on 8/27, weighing 8lbs, 2.7oz. We'll see....

the latest...

We heard from Kit (Josh's mom) that Erika was in a great deal of pain and has received an epidural. Whew...she is reportedly feeling much better and sitting pretty at 7cm.

the latest on baby wiese

Zoey and I were able to go to the hospital this morning and hang out with Josh & Erika for a while. We arrived around 11:15am and Erika had been on pitocin for about 2 hours. Originally, pitocin was a last resort, however, the baby's heart rate dropped dramatically for a few minutes earlier this morning and the midwife, Heather, decided it was best to start the pitocin drip. They started her out at the lowest level but over the course of the past few hours they have cranked it up to the highest level. Just before I left to go back to my folks' house for Zoey's nap, Heather came in to look at Eri's stats. Heather wants to give her another two hours on the full pitocin drip and then she wants to talk about breaking Erika's water. Not exactly how Erika wants it to go, but whatever is best for this little guy is great with Eri. When I left, Josh's parents and sister were all there and my parents left with me. So, Erika has had a room full of wonderful distractions. A moment ago, I got a call from Josh. He said the nurse had come in to help Eri go to the bathroom and as Erika stood up her water broke...all on it's own!!! Praise the Lord. Apparently the contractions have gotten much stronger and closer together so she could be on her way to meeting this little guy very soon.

They're having a baby, TODAY!!!

My sister, Erika, and her hubby, Josh, are pregnant with their first baby...a boy. He was due to arrive this past Sunday (8/24) but apparently he wasn't quite ready to deal with this Texas heat. So, at Erika's appointment this past Monday, she was scheduled to come into the hospital this morning at 7:15am for some help to jump start the labor process. She is not being fully induced, yet, she's only being given a little medicine to see if her body will take over on it's own. Erika really, really wants to have a natural labor and delivery and when induction enters the picture, it is very difficult to go natural. I'll keep you posted when I can. Please pray for Erika and Josh today. They could not be more excited to meet their son.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

8 weeks...and we heard the heartbeat

our little shrimp

Big Sister, Zoey

She doesn't know what it means to be a big sister but she seems excited about the possibilities.

Hello everyone! Zoey has some great news to share with all of you. She is going to be a big sister!!! And we are all very excited about it. As you know, we miscarried twice within the last 6 months(1st miscarriage, 2nd miscarriage). So today when Dave and I went to see Heather, our midwife, we were overjoyed to hear and see that tiny, but super-fast, heartbeat. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about being pregnant again. It seems real now. Yesterday when I read my pregnancy journal, I thought to myself, yeah the hands may be forming but what if they're not? What if the baby stopped growing and we're going to miscarry again? But today, I know there is a heart and it's actually beating. I am fully aware that life is in the hands of our creator and a million things could go wrong over the next few months. But, this is farther than we've made it since being pregnant with Zoey. We saw our baby on the screen. Praise the Lord! Our due date is April 2nd so stop by from time to time to catch up with the progress.

Love, Jenni