Friday, January 29, 2010

conversations with Zoey... second installment

I keep a pad of paper on our kitchen counter for the sole purpose of writing down the funny things Zoey says. Here are the latest and greatest...straight from Zoey's mouth.

Zoey: "Mommy, I'm a tow."
-said as she entered the room wearing a ball cap
Mama: "A cow?"
Zoey: "No! A tow, a tow, a tow."
-said with emphasis and enunciation
Mama: "A cow?"
Zoey: "No, a tow boy. I mean a tow girl. I got a hat. I'm a tow girl."
Mama: "Oh, a cow girl. Yee-haw!"

Zoey: "First we're going to Wal-Mart, then Jesus Christ our Savior, then to Target to get some food."
-good plan, Zo.

Mama: "Zo, finish your breakfast."
Zoey: "I'm full. There's no more room in my tummy. There's too many babies in my tummy."

-said out of the blue while playing with toys
Zoey: "Why did you close my door?"
Mama: "What door?"
Zoey: "I don't know. Never mind."

-Ruby was crying in booster chair at the table
Zoey: "Stop(said while doing the sign for stop), Ruby. We don't cry at the table. We only cry in bed."
-just for the record, I don't know where she got that. That's not one of our rules. :)

-Zoey was putting pieces of pear into the shape of a Christmas tree.
Zoey: "Look, Daddy, it's a Christmas Tree."
Daddy: "Oh, cool!"
Zoey: "Yeah, but this tree isn't prickly. It's juicy."

Zoey logic...

Zoey's dictionary...
popcorn = pop-si-corn
smoochies = sushies
stethoscope = ses-sa-soap
spaghetti = sa-betty

Daddy: "I need to put water in the Christmas tree stand."
Zoey: "Can I watch you, Daddy?"
Daddy: "Sure."
Zoey: "Not, yet, but soon. Wait for me."
-puts her milk in the fridge
Zoey: "Ok, it's time. I'm ready. I'm going to go wait for you."

Daddy: "I have a headache."
Zoey: "Do you want to share my boo-boo bear (a cool pack we keep in the freezer) with me?"
Daddy: "No, but thank you. I think a smoochie will make it feel better."
-Zoey gave him a smoochie on the head
Zoey: "Is it all better?"
Daddy: "Yes, thank you. Your smoochies make me so happy."
Zoey: "I'm sad when you have a boo-boo and I'm happy when you're all better."
-yeah, that one brought tears to my eyes

-Zoey was eating around the chucks of cherries in her cup of yogurt.
Mama: "Let me help you get the last bite, Zo."
-all that was left were the cherry chunks
Zoey: "Let's leave the chair-berry in there. I don't want it."

-Zoey hit Ruby with a pillow. Ruby didn't even flinch.
Mama: "Let's not hit Ruby with the pillow."
Zoey: "She didn't cry. She's so brave."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

a little bit of Ruby...part 3

"funny face"

a little bit of Ruby...part 2

"look, mom! it crunches."

a little bit of Ruby...part 1

Ruby Ellen is 10 months old today. So, I thought I would share some cute videos of our little Ruby.

"shake it!"

Friday, January 1, 2010