Tuesday, September 25, 2012

And the countdown begins!

I am 36 weeks, 3 days pregnant and I feel like I'm about to explode!!! You see, we had Zoey at 36 weeks, 1 day and I always feel like I'm overdue after that magic day. But the truth is, my babies tend to stay in longer and longer with each pregnancy...Ruby came at 38 weeks, 3 days and Maggie arrived at 38 weeks, 6 days. And they keep getting bigger and bigger. YIKES! Just in case you were are some of the questions we get asked regularly.

* When are you due?  
Saturday, October 20th...but I sure hope this baby comes before then. My mom will be out of town October 5th-8th and we have some fabulous friends coming to stay with us during that time just in case. Thank you Blair & Peyton!!! Then I found out today that my midwife will be out of town October 11th-13th. WHAT?!?! I felt like I got the wind knocked out of me when she told me. This poor kid has so many date restrictions. I'm thankful I'm not the one who decides when labor begins. Please pray with us that the timing works out perfectly and no one misses the big day.

* Are you having a boy or girl? 
We don't know. We were surprised with our first three and decided to be surprised this time, too! We've packed take-me-home outfits for both.

* How the heck can you wait to find out? Don't you need to plan?
There are very few surprises left in life and driving to the hospital not knowing if you're bringing home a baby boy or girl is VERY exciting!!! Actually, I'm not a huge fan of surprises but not knowing has actually helped me not be so anxious. We just pull out the tub of newborn neutral clothes and we're set for the first three months!

* Do you think it's a boy or a girl?
I have no idea. I thought each one of my first three pregnancies were boys and I was always wrong. I really don't have a feeling either way. When I picture coming home with a baby I always picture a boy. But, this child is soooo incredibly active, it must be a girl. I can't wait for Dave to get to announce it in the delivery room one last time.

* Is Dave dying for a boy?
A boy would be super-fun but he will be thrilled with four girls. We're planning on four girls and we will truly be so excited with whatever the Lord chooses to bless us with. Dave is such an amazing dad to our girls. He is really good at playing dress-up and baby dolls with the girls but he also loves to build forts, set up tents and do not-so-girly activities with them. And, most importantly, all three girls love football and are already die-hard Steelers fans. :)

* Do you have names picked out?
Yes! We like to go to the hospital with several names for each gender. We're having a trickier time falling in love with a girls name this time around. It may take us a while for one to stick. We've always liked to meet our baby, hang out for a while and see if the name fits. Here are some of our faves...
BOYS: Sam, George, Gus...we like grandpa names
GIRLS: Andie, Charlie, Ellie, Gracie, Lainey, Lottie, Sally, Whitney
Dave's #1 choice is probably Ellie which I get nervous about being too popular. And my #1 choice is Lottie and Dave worries that it's too old fashion and weird. I guess, if it's a girl, we'll just have to see what she looks like. Any other suggestions???

* Are Zoey, Ruby and Maggie excited?
Yes! They are very excited to meet their new sibling. Zoey really wants a brother and Ruby says it's a girl. She's never said she wanted another sister, she just declared that it is a girl. Maggie just lifts up her shirt and points to her belly if you say anything about a new baby. We recently got out all our baby stuff and they were so excited to put together the activity mat and the bouncy seat. We also put the infant car seat in the car over the weekend. So exciting!

* Are you thinking about having more kiddos after this one?
We haven't made any permanent decisions but I think this will be our last one. We would be thrilled if the Lord surprised us with another but I think we are ready to move on to the next stage of life and say farewell to the baby stages. But I am sooooo excited to be able to have one last go around with all things baby. :)

We'll keep you posted. Until then, I leave you with the belly!
36 wks, 1 day