Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday, Zoey

I can't believe we have a one year old daughter. People kept telling me how fast time flies by when you have a baby. But, you don't really understand it until you reflect on the past year and you think back to the tiny 7 pound baby you brought home from the hospital. The most difficult thing we had to worry about was keeping her awake long enough for her to eat. Now she is one year old and waves bye-bye, eats big people food and loves to read books and play. This past year has been amazing and even with all the ups and downs it has been the best year ever.
I thought I would share a couple of pictures from Zoey's birthday party. It was a lot of fun. We started off with presents and, of course, we let her have a chunk of birthday cake to eat by herself. She messed with it and ate some of it but she did not like having her hands covered in icing. We finished off the evening with a much needed bath and a lasagna dinner. Over all it was a wonderful celebration of Miss Zoey Michele.
Thank you to Daddy, Grandpa, Papa, Grammy, Unka Rone, Aunt Rika, Uncle Eddo, Aunty Alix, Uncle Larry, Aunty Lisa, and Uncle Bob for making the party a huge success.

Monday, December 17, 2007

4 teeth in 16 days...what a trooper

Even though in this picture you can only see 4 teeth, Zoey actually has 6 teeth total. And the poor darling recently got her 4 top teeth in 16 days. The amazing thing was that she was a doll the whole time. She never acted like sharp, pointed, bone-like pieces were piercing her tender flesh. Ouch!

We are so excited about celebrating Christmas this year. Not only is Dave's dad, Don, coming down from Pittsburgh, my aunt Lisa, uncle Bob, cousins Erin and Kyle and friend Maury are coming in from Jacksonville, Florida to celebrate with all of us.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas, too. Without Christmas there would be no "holiday" season!!!

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving Day began very early as we caravaned with my family to downtown Dallas to run/walk the 40th annual Turkey Trot. We, along with 30 thousand other people, bundled up and had a blast. Dave ran the 8 mile course and the rest of us tackled the 3 mile fun run course. My dad ran ahead while my mom, Josh, Erika, Zoey and I walked the 3 mile course. We walked until Erika started pushing Zoey in the stroller. Every time the crowds parted, Erika and Josh took off running. I would look up and they were 20 feet ahead of me. I was quite a site running to catch up with them while cheerios are flying out of my hands. Another rookie mistake. Zoey did great considering it was her nap time. As long as we kept the snacks coming, she was fine.
Josh and Erika left for Oklahoma as soon as the race was over. My folks and Dave, Zoey and I had our traditional IHOP Thanksgiving Day breakfast. After that, we went back to their house, rested and watched football. We decided to have a low-key dinner...fried chicken from KFC. We're planning a big Christmas celebration with a bunch of family and since it was only the 5 of us for Thanksgiving, no one wanted to spend all day cooking. It was so nice and relaxing.
I love holidays and vacations. It's such a treat having Dave home for a few days. He really gets a chance to hang out and play with Zoey. Today we took her to the park. She played on the swings and went down the slides. She had a blast. Everything is so new and exciting to her. I have a tendency to take things for granted, but when Zoey experiences something for the first time, we get to enjoy it with her. When was the last time I played on a swing or went down a slide? It's so much fun. I can't believe we're only a few weeks away from her first Christmas and her first birthday. Sometimes I stop and look at her...I still can't believe I'm a mom of an 10 1/2 month old little girl. What a blessing she is to our family.
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Zoey's Christmas/Birthday Wish List

A lot of you have been asking what Zoey would like for Christmas and her first birthday. Below you will find a few ideas of things she might like. Dave and I are so thankful for how you all love on Zoey. Nothing makes us happier than knowing you care for our little girl. Thank you for being such a wonderful family...friends are family, Zoey Michele. This has been an amazing first year with her and we look forward to many years and holidays to come. Again, these are just suggestions. She is truly happy playing with my keys and Dave's school ID badge. Anything she might receive as a gift will be treasured.

Anything and Everything written by Sandra Boynton

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, Jr

Books, books, and more books with lots of pictures and rhymes

Time For Bed Book by Mem Fox

Animal Toys

Little Champs Sports Center

Shape Sorter

Infant/Toddler Steelers Gear

Winter Clothes size 24months/2T

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Our Little Pumpkin

Today we took Zoey to her first pumpkin patch. A word of advice: don't go to a pumpkin patch on the Sunday before Halloween. It was a zoo and we didn't stay very long. We were just glad that admission was free. So, we wanted to get some great pics, right? We sat her in a pile of straw (which she loved and wanted to eat) and tried to get her to look at the camera (which she didn't want to do because, heck, she's sitting in a pile of straw surrounded by pumpkins). Actually, she did very well and we even got a few pics of her looking at the camera AND smiling. I love that she's holding one of the little pumpkins. Also, today Zoey is 10 months old. We went to see Dr. Day on Friday and here are her stats...
19lbs, 6.4oz (50%)
29 1/2 inches (93%)
She is "talking" all the time, now. We've added cheese and bite sized pieces of banana to her diet and Dr. Day says we can add yogurt and meat, too. Pretty soon she's going to be eating right off our plates. Maybe she'll be ready for a turkey leg by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. Yummy!!!

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

happy birthday, dave

Dave turned 36 years old today. To celebrate, Zoey and I took him out for breakfast tacos at one of his favorite places...Rudy's "Country Store" & Bar-B-Q. Zoey, of course, couldn't wait to give him his present. We got him an iPod shuffle. She really wanted to get him the pink one, but I told her, "Look, Zoey. Yes, you're the cutest baby girl on the planet, but you can't always get your way. Daddy won't use it if it's pink. Let's get him the silver one." She reluctantly agreed. But only if I let her wear the bow on her head during breakfast. Oh, alright.
Zoey turned 9 months old on September 28th. She is getting bigger and stronger every day and she's becoming more of a little girl and less like a baby. She loves...holding onto the couch and walking back and forth, eating cheerios, touching every light switch in the house, banging on tables, smiling at herself in the mirror, when mama claps her hands, and when daddy comes home at the end of the day. She does not like...having her face wiped, changing her diaper/clothes, and when I leave her to play by herself. She has two universal words for everything. "MMM-BUH" and "UUUHHH". In the last day or two, she started mimicking smacking sounds with her mouth. It's amazing how much of a little sponge she is and picking up on so many things every day.
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Monday, September 24, 2007

a very busy day with Zoey

Our day today began like it usually does...with a walk around the neighborhood. Zoey wakes up around 7:30am. After breakfast, we get ready for our day and head outside. We walk from 8:30-9:15am. She loves to be outside. Some days, like today, she likes to ride in the stroller backwards and chew on her head rest. Other days she faces forward and gets excited and kicks her legs when she sees birds fly by, hears a dog barking, or sees a basketball goal (we think it's because she thinks it's a's really funny). After our walk, we come inside and cool off before we go into her room to get ready for a nap. We read a couple of books together, close her blinds and cuddle for a minute until I lay her down with her blanket and bear. She spends a few minutes, after I leave the room, cooing and chatting before she falls asleep. Usually her morning nap is from 9:30-11:30am. That's when I get a shower, check my email, make phone calls, and try to get some chores done.
When she wakes up from her nap, we have lunch and get ready to go somewhere. Anywhere. Neither of us like to be in the house all day long. We'll go to Target or visit friends or go get the oil changed like we did today. She does really well in her car seat for errands around town. When we go places longer than 45 minutes away, she gets a little stir crazy. But who doesn't.
After we get back to the house, we play until it's time for Zoey's afternoon nap. About 2:15pm we go back into her room, read some more books, close the blinds and cuddle. She sleeps from 2:30-3:40pm but I tend to let her play in her crib until 4pm just so we both have some time to ourselves in the afternoon. At four o'clock Zoey has her dinner and then "plays" while I get dinner ready. Notice I said "plays." What this usually looks like is while I'm trying to work in the kitchen she is fussing in the living room wondering why I'm not playing with her. She does not like to be by herself. It's something we're working on but it can definitely test my patience. After 15-20 minutes of this...right about the time that I'm torn between letting her fuss and letting her learn the value of independent play, Dave comes home and scoops her up.
Yippee! Daddy always saves the day.
Now today was a bit different. Dave has class on Monday nights so Zoey and I are on our own for evening playtime and dinner. Tonight we played inside until someone was tired of her surroundings. So we gathered up some outside toys and grabbed the plastic wadding pool (a gift from grammy & papa) and played in the front yard. The pool gives her the ability to play outside in the grass without having to worry about ants and spiders. Yuck. The weather has been warm during the day but it cools off and is lovely in the early evening.
Thanks for sharing a day with Jenni & Zoey. Hope you had fun.
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

football season is HERE!!!

As you know, Dave is from Pittsburgh, PA and is a Steeler fan by birth. I am a Steeler fan by marriage. :>) We celebrated the season opener by watching the game with my folks and Josh & Erika. As you can see, Zoey was very excited about the win and she was thrilled to wear her jersey.

Later that afternoon, Zoey came down with a cold. It was no big deal, at first, but then on Tuesday she stopped nursing. As of tonight, she is still on a nursing strike and we're trying to get fluids in her any way possible. Since tomorrow is Friday and she's still not making progress, I'll be taking her to see the doctor again before the weekend begins. Thankfully the cold has almost cleared up and she is able to sleep and nap again. She just doesn't seem like herself. There is a great possibility that she is teething and that it's just too painful to nurse right now.

Dave and and I humbly request your prayers for this situation. Please pray for wisdom for the doctor we see tomorrow that he will be able to shed some light on why she might be doing this. Also, please pray for healing rest for Zoey and for any pain she might be experiencing to go away completely so she will want to nurse again.We appreciate you all very much.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

My best friend, Shay

This is my best friend, Shay. She is amazing. This picture was taken at her baby shower/girls' night out the night before she went into the hospital to be induced to deliver her third baby. She had a baby boy named Ty Orlando. He is precious and his big brothers, Aidan(4) and Eli(2), think he's pretty wonderful.

I have been friends with Shay for, at least, 10 years. We were bridesmaids in each others weddings and have been there for each other during many of life's major milestones.

The two things I appreciate most about Shay are her faithfulness and her wisdom. She is a great example of a faithful wife and friend and she gives amazing, biblical advice. She has such a gentle spirit but she can crack you up with her sense of humor...just ask her what sound a dinosaur makes. :>)

I feel the Lord has blessed me with many things: a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter, a fantastic family. But He went above and beyond when he put Shay in my life. Thank you, Lord.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welcome home, Zoey

We're home!!! And we couldn't be more excited. Zoey, 7 1/2 months, doesn't seem to remember our house at all and so she is a little nervous about everything. She doesn't know her room or her bed and she has had a difficult time falling and staying asleep. She has figured out that she can sit up in her crib but I don't think she knows she can lay down when she's ready to sleep. I know she'll get back to her normal schedule and that we all just need a few days to re-adjust. It's been difficult to unpack because when Zoey's awake, she cries unless we're holding her or playing on the floor with her. Our house is significantly bigger than our one room cabin at kamp. She must think when we leave the room, we're never coming back. She also has a bad cough which keeps her up at night and at nap times. As soon as we get unpacked and her cough goes away, we'll get back on track.

The state of Texas pushed back the start date for school, so we actually have a week off between kamp and the first day of school. We can't begin to tell you how amazing it is to have down time after kamp. What a treat! It's 109 degrees out today so unfortunately we'll be hanging out inside, but at least we can do fun stuff.

Gotta go...Zoey's calling.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Introducing...Rice Cereal. Yummy!

After much thought, advice, and prayer, we decided to start Zoey on solids at 6 1/2 months. Originally, I had wanted to wait until we were home from kamp before introducing rice cereal into her diet. But, after asking a lot of moms their advice and reading everything I could get my hands on, we decided to give it a try. Needless to say, the first meal was messy and really funny. It's been about 2 weeks since she started solids and we have recently added sweet potatoes to the menu. In another few days we'll add squash, then carrots.

Other than the life changing news about Zoey and cereal, we've had a wonderful summer. It's hard to believe that kamp is almost over and we're getting ready to pack up and head home. I miss my house. And, I'm tired. I guess I thought I was Superwoman or something. Running the office and taking care of Zoey has left me pretty exhausted. There were days when I would ask myself, "What was I thinking?" I miss the days of catching a movie and sleeping in on my 2-4s (days off) or catching a nap during FOB (flat on back). Though, I will tell you this. My main goal for this summer was to have no regrets. I didn't want to look back on the past 3 months and wish I had spent more time with Zoey. I didn't want to miss anything. And I really, truly feel that I accomplished my goal. I may have let other things slide...balancing our checkbook or sun tanning (I don't even look like I worked at a summer kamp)...but I got to spend time with my family. I love that Dave can spend time with Zoey during the daytime. He can lay her down for her nap or carry her around kamp in the front carrier. He can take for walks and tell her she can always come to him and talk to him about anything. As excited as I am for getting home and seeing my family and friends, there is a big part of me that will miss the lifestyle we lead at kamp. We'll get home and become busy with the day's tasks. Dave was accepted into grad school and he'll be starting classes this fall. He'll head back to work and I will miss getting to have lunch with him everyday and walking around kamp together. It's such a bittersweet time.

The good news is that we will always have next summer.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Long Time...No Post

Well, it's been a while everyone. We have been at kamp since May 17th and this is our first opportunity to post some pictures. I had the hardest time deciding which picture to post, but after many options, I decided on this one. I couldn't have posed her better myself. So many things have happened and Zoey has grown and changed so much since we've been here. Instead of a paragraph of info, how about a top 10 list of interesting things that has happened to the Cribbs Family.

Here we go...

#10...Zoey learned to blow raspberries a couple of weeks ago. She thinks they're really funny.

#9...Dave celebrated his first official Father's Day with his baby girl. Technically, he was a father last summer when I was prego, but this year Zoey gave him his gift...a black fleece vest from REI.

#8...Zoey went swimming for the first time a couple of days ago. She was pretty indifferent about it. She didn't love it but she certainly didn't hate it. PS-she looks adorable in her bathing suit.

#7...Zoey turned 5 months on May 28th. At the time she weighed 15 lbs and measured 27inches. She's getting so big.

#6...Dave got a black eye here at kamp. I like to tell people that he ticked me off and I let him have it, but the truth is he was launching a water rocket and the bottle came up and pegged him right in the eye. Nice shiner.

#5...Zoey learned to play peek-a-boo. When I lay a burp cloth over her and ask her, "Where's Zoey?" she pulls it off and smiles. Cuteness.

#4...Zoey is 6 months old today. We haven't weighed or measured her, yet, but she is long and skinny but she's got the cutest chunky thighs. She's wearing 9 month outfits but only because she needs the extra length. She can still wear a pair of 0-3 month shorts.

#3...Dave is going to sign up for another adventure race that takes place in September. Usually he and his teammates do the Booger County race, but this year they're considering the Berryman which is a 36 hour race.

#2...Zoey is getting close to sitting up by herself but she still needs to learn to not throw herself back. She really enjoys sitting upright because she has access to all of her toys.

And the number one thing that has happened to our family is...

#1...On Tuesday, June 26th...I turned 30!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Today I celebrated my first Mother's Day. I love being a mom. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be but it's so much more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true. She is the best gift ever.

We're down to our last few days before we leave for kamp. I've got a ton to do but if I stop for a moment to think about my list of "to-dos" or how I'm going to miss my friends and family, I will end up in tears.

Onto Zoey news...

She started rolling over about a week ago. I laid her down..on her back...for a nap and a few minutes later her cries sounded muffled. When I went into her room, she was on her tummy and couldn't figure out how to roll back over. She's since realized that she likes sleeping on her tummy and it doesn't freak her out anymore.

She loves, loves, loves playing on her baby gym. She kicks her toys and squeals with delight. She coos and carries on extensive conversations with toys, people, the ceiling fan...whatever catches her eye.

I hope and pray that she will make a smooth transition to kamp. It's always a little scary being in a new environment and around a ton of new people. Please pray that she will sleep well, eat well and enjoy meeting new people. As always, we'll keep you posted.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

4 months old

Zoey Michele @ 4 months
13lbs, 12.8oz (55%)
25.75 inches long (90%)
We saw Dr Day on Thursday and Zoey received her 2nd set of shots...only 4 shots this time. She responded much better than last time. Praise the LORD! She no longer has to take her reflux medicine and I have been able to reintroduce dairy back into my diet. Last night I made some chocolate chip cookies and I had a half of a glass of ice cold milk. Yummy. I haven't had milk in almost two months. Zoey has met all of her milestones except she hasn't rolled over, yet, but Dr Day wasn't concerned at all.
Unfortunately Dave's adventure race was cancelled due to a lack of participation. Bummer. He was looking forward to using his new bike light and headlamp. Hopefully he and his teammates will be able to find another race in the fall.
I can't believe it's already that time of year when we start packing up and head to kamp. So many people were surprised that we were still going to kamp this that we have a baby. I guess it never crossed our minds to NOT go to kamp. It seems like the most natural transition. Don't get me wrong. Of course I'm nervous about packing up and moving for the summer, especially with a baby. But kamp is such a wonderful place and we will be surrounded by some of our best friends. I know my parents and my sister are not exactly thrilled that we're taking Zoey 8 hours away for 3 months, but at least we can post tons of pictures. God bless the internet.
One more thing before I go. Our little Zoey is now officially sleeping through the night. We put her to bed around 8pm, I wake her up at 10pm for her final feeding and she sleeps until I wake her up at 7am. We know that she is physically capable of going at least 9 hours between feedings and waking up three times during the night to nurse was not good for me or her. So, last Monday night, we decided to break the habit. It only took 2 nights before she was sleeping straight through until morning without little fussing spells. I knew she could do it, but I was very surprised I could do it.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

other goings on

Dave asked me the other day if this blog was just for updates on Zoey or for updates on other things. I looked at him with a puzzled expression... what else do we have going on that doesn't relate to Zoey? As of right now, my world pretty much revolves around taking care of her, however, there are a couple of other things to mention.

First of all, Dave took the GRE last week and did well. He will be applying to the University of North Texas to pursue a Masters in Engineering. Hopefully, if everything works out, he will begin taking classes this fall.

Secondly, Dave is preparing for another adventure race...Booger County 2007! He and two friends from kamp, Micah and Marissa, will compete in the third annual race. They are still debating if they will attempt the 35mile or 60mile course. In years past I went along as the support team, unfortunately, this year I must pass the responsibility onto another worthy person. Any volunteers? Dave has been running and riding to prepare for this race and last week he squeezed in a 20 mile bike ride before folks came over for Bible study.

Wow! Dave has alot going on right now. Hey, I have goals, too, ya know. I try to take a shower every day AND I shoot for going the entire day without being soaked in drool or spit-up. Everybody needs goals, right? Actually, I love, love, love being at home with Zoey. She is the most wonderful thing that has happened to our family. We literally don't have enough hours in day for the number of kisses we want to give her.

Oh, we should also mention that Dave changed our settings on our blog and now anyone can leave us a message. We also receive an email alert each time a message is left. It makes it even easier for us to keep in touch with our friends and family. Hope to talk to you soon.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter

We had many reasons to celebrate this weekend. Dave had Friday off from school and we had a wonderful day spending time with Zoey...together as a family. We went in search of a bathing suit for her for this summer, however, I can't seem to find just the right one. Then we stopped by Erika and Josh's and hung out with them for the evening.

On Saturday, we celebrated my mom's birthday. Originally we were going to go for a family bike ride, however, it was 40 degrees and there were snow flurries. So, instead we hung out, did some hula-hooping (see pictures) and went to Babe's for dinner.

Sunday, of course, was Easter and we celebrated our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We went to church and met up with three members of the Stem family...Daniel, Stephanie and Miriam. It was so wonderful to see them while they were in town. It reminded us what a blessing friends are.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Look Who's 3 Months Old

Well, we've have some very exciting things happening lately. Dave's dad came to visit us from Pittsburgh for a few days during Spring Break. He met Zoey for the first time and they instantly fell in love with each other. Then we made our first road trip to Branson for leadership weekend with our kamp friends. Zoey did fabulously well in the car and it only took two hours longer than normal. Not bad for beginners.
Zoey is now three months and cuter than ever. She smiles all the time and even squeals when she's really happy. She found her fists and loves to put them in her mouth. She's even started rubbing her little eyes when she's sleepy. She hasn't rolled over, yet, but she can roll onto her side especially when she's trying to get her fist into her mouth.
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

A bunch of 'FIRSTS' in our household

Last night Dave and I went on our FIRST date since Zoey was born. We went to Mastergrill...yummy...and my mom and dad watched Zoey. We had a blast and so did Grammy and Papa. Apparently they love spending time with their grand-daughter :>)
Last night, Zoey slept through the night for the FIRST time. I fed her at 10pm when Dave and I returned from our date and she didn't wake up until 6:50am. I, of course, woke up at 4am which is when she usually wakes me up to eat. I went into her room and she was sound asleep. I figured she would wake up in a few minutes so I went back to bed to wait. Well, the next time I heard her
it was morning. We're so excited.

Last weekend, we took Zoey on her FIRST weekend away. Our friend Jimmy was in the states visiting from China where he is a missionary. He got a group of his friends together for a relaxing and very fun weekend at Selah Inn.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Daddy's Little Girl

Zoey Michele @ 2 months
11lbs, 3oz, 23in
does NOT like shots
Let me tell you about the worst day ever. It was Thursday, March 1st, 2007 and I took Zoey in for her two month check-up. Dr Day said she looks great. She's in the 55% for weight, the 75% for length and very healthy. Then two nurses came in and gave her 5 shots in her little legs at the same time. They were very sweet and went very quickly but Zoey cried like I've never heard her cry before. It broke my heart into a billion pieces. Since her shots, Zoey hasn't been herself. We went back to see Dr Day yesterday because Zoey had a bit of blood in her spit-up and stool. He's going to run some tests and in the meantime he put her on reflux medicine and took all dairy out of my diet. I'll keep everyone posted...
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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm 2 months old!

Hello! My name is Zoey and I am 2 months old today. I am going to the doctor tomorrow to find out how much I weigh and how long I am. I am NOT looking forward to getting my first set of shots. My mom is not excited either. I am so happy to be a part of the Cribbs family. My mom and dad think I am the coolest thing ever and they think everything I do is so adorable. I can almost hold up my head on my own but why would I want to do that since everyone does it for me? Every time I start to smile at my family they run and get this small, silver box that flashes in my face. Weird. My favorite things to do are eat, sleep and cuddle. I do not like having my diaper changed or my nose cleaned and I'm starting to tolerate my baths more and more. Well, I'll let you know how it goes at the doctor's tomorrow. Until then...
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Thursday, February 22, 2007

baby bed-head

Guess what happens when you give a bath to a baby with alot of hair and then lay her down for a nap before it completely dries. You get baby bed-head. Zoey is sporting the latest in baby fashion...the baby mohawk.
She is 8 weeks old today. I can't believe she's been with us that long. She still smiles from time to time, however, we haven't been able to catch the full smile on film, yet. She's still making the baby grunting noises, but lately she has started making "goo-goo" noises. It's pretty cute.
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. My aunts Lisa and Alix and my cousin Erin came all the way from Jacksonville, Florida this past weekend to meet Zoey. We had a blast hanging out with them. Zoey was a perfect doll and showed off all her cutest faces and noises. She was showered with gifts including this outfit from Auntie Alix and a Steelers cheer leading outfit from Auntie Lisa. Zoey will be 7 weeks tomorrow. She officially smiles in response to something especially her toys. It doesn't happen too often, but when she does smile, my heart simply melts.
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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Superbowl Snuggle

After the Superbowl, Dave and I bundled Zoey up and took her on a walk. I was freezing, she was as sung as a bug. Zoey will be six weeks old tomorrow. She has longer periods of of wake time and makes all sorts of gurgles and grunts. Every once in a while her fist will find its way into her mouth, but for the most part she still has no control of her arms and legs. She is slowly figuring out that night time is for sleeping and sleeps longer stretches during the pm. For that we are truly thankful.
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Sunday, January 28, 2007

One Month Old

Zoey is one month old today. She is such a doll.
It's been so much fun to get to know her personality.
She is quite fun and keeps us smiling.
New pics posted today.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Today is Zoey's official due date. For the past 4 weeks we've been watching this clock count down the days until baby cribblet arrives. Personally, I'm very thankful that she came as early as she did. Let's just say she wasn't a tiny baby for delivering at 36 weeks. Thank you, Lord.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Life With Zoey

It is so wonderful to be home with Zoey. She is three weeks old and although we're still getting used to each other, sometimes it's hard to remember what is was like before she arrived. She has fit in with our family so perfectly and we can't get enough of her. I never knew I could love someone so much who I just met.
I love this picture of Zoey looking at Dave.