Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ruby's 3!!!

Ruby turned 3 today. She's growing up so fast. I love her so much. She had the option to have her first "friend" party..but she declined. She said, "I don't want a fwend potty. Just the fam-a-wee." You got it girl. So, over Spring Break the "fam-a-wee", grammy and papa, uncle Josh, Witty, Leo and Eta...gathered at an indoor play-place at a nearby church called the ARK. We all had a blast!

The Birthday Girl! 

Silly Sisters 

After rest time, everyone came over to our house for presents, dinner and cupcakes. Ruby chose a Cinderella theme. She also got to pick the birthday dinner. For a while it was between pizza and PBJ sandwiches. We were all glad she finally chose pizza.

Here is our little Cinderellie (what she calls Cinderella) with her new Woddy doll. 

Fun times ready her new Disney story book with Uncle Josh and Leo. 

Happy Birthday Time!!! I love how she sings the entire song to herself. :)

Definitely the best way to eat a cupcake. 

Ruby, Woody and Leo enjoying her new felt board lovingly made by Witty (Aunt Erika). 

Waking up on her actual birthday. She's 3!!! 


Trying to get a little taller to reach the happy birthday banner. Pretty smart, girlies. 

Ruby's first taste of peanut butter. It's a pretty big day in the life of a 3-year old.

Our sweet, funny, smart, loving Ruby Ellen. We love you so
much and you are the coolest 3-year old we know. 

Happy Birthday, Ruby-Doobie!!!!!

Our trip to Florida

At the end of February we had a fabulous opportunity to head to Florida to visit my family. The trip was originally for my mom and dad. They asked if they could take Zoey with them and Dave and I thought it was a great idea. Then the more I thought about it, the sadder I became. I realized that I was going to miss so many of Zoey's firsts..her first plane ride, her first trip to the beach and her first time to meet her great-grandmother. I finally broke down and asked my folks if I could join them...and bring Ruby and Maggie, too. They thought it was a great idea.

And so our adventure begins.

At the airport, checking in at 5:30am. And showing off their new suitcases.

It was early, but we were so excited.

They were so good on the plane. And they loved
drinking their juice out of the tiny cocktail straws!

Maggie was a total doll and even caught a tiny cat nap.

Zoey and Annie(doggie) were instant friends and
Zo & Ru were so patient with all my photo opps.

We spent the morning visiting my cousin Erin's 1st grade classroom.
Maggie and Aunty Lisa bonded in the classroom and
Zoey, who will be starting kindergarten in the fall, was in heaven.

After naps we headed to the beach!!!
ps-Ruby's sunglasses are consistently up-side-down.

It was a beautiful day and I was kicking myself for not bringing
their bathing suits. It didn't take long before their clothes
were soaked. They ended up just splashing around in their panties.
They had a BLAST!!!

Maggie was not a fan of the cool water.
She preferred being cuddled close to mama.

My folks were such a huge help. I am so blessed to
have parents that love my kiddos so much.

One of my highlights was seeing my girls meet my mom's mom.

Four generations...all first-born girls.

Me, my grandma and my girls.

Maggie, Zoey and Ruby all loved her. :)
They especially loved her purple outfit.

We enjoyed several walks through my aunt and uncle's beautiful neighborhood.
Ruby showed off her fashion sense and Zoey was in heaven walking her own dog.

Too cute not to include. Yes, this is the best way to eat olives.

One of the original reasons for this trip was to celebrate my great-aunt Olga's 90th birthday. Thankfully the Zoey and Ruby were able to meet her. Unfortunately, Maggie came down with a fever and we spent the day cuddling and didn't get a chance to see Aunty Olga.

During our down-time, Aunty Lisa brought out cousin Erin's old Barbie
dream house. Aunty Lisa easily secured the Aunt of the Year Award!

Ruby was more interested in pretending to be a kitty cat.

We made one more very quick trip to the beach. We had to say
goodbye to the ocean. I cannot begin to tell you how pleased
I am the girls seem to share my love for the beach!

Random Ruby cuteness and a sweet, sad, sick face. :(

Ruby's air mattress had a little leak which she clearly didn't mind.
I had to capture how the bed seemed to cuddle her.

Our last night we went over to my Aunty Alix and Uncle
Larry's house for dinner. Great times had by all!
(Alix, my mom, Erin, Ruby)

Maggie started feeling better. She LOVED Alix & Larry's
puppy, Lydia. This is how she walked around hoping Lydia
would come over and give her kisses.

By the end of the night, her fever had returned but
Aunty Lisa and Erin didn't mind helping out with the cuddling.

Ruby LOVED Erin. She kept referring to her as her BFF.

Erin is so good at what she does and kids just love her.
I wish we lived closer and Zoey could be in her class.

My mom and Lisa are sisters and they have a crazy relationship that
includes many practical jokes. My mom printed some silly pictures
and brought them to hide in my aunt's frames. Yep...that bottom
one is my hubby's school picture. Right in the middle of her formal
living room's coffee table. Hahahaha!

Heading to the airport. Great trip...happy to go home...sad to leave Florida.

We love you Aunty Lisa...and Uncle Bob (he had to go to work).

Great flight home. I sure wish my kids liked their Grammy more. Oh, wait! :)