Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break 2008

We had the best Spring Break this year. Here is a recap of some of the things we did.
On Monday, we drove two and a half hours east to Tyler, Texas where we stayed at Pine Cove Camp for three days. There was a risk management conference that Dave attended and Zoey and I were able to come with him. While Dave participated in the meetings, Zoey and I hung out in the cabin, took lots of walks and played with some friends who stayed at the camp, too. We had beautiful weather and east Texas is so amazing. With all the wonderful trees, I kept forgetting I was still in Texas.

On Thursday, our friends invited us to join them for a visit to the Ft Worth Zoo. We had the best time. This was Zoey's first trip to the zoo. She loves watching people and since it was Spring Break, there were sooooo many people. It was a beautiful zoo and a perfect day. Thanks Matt, Emily & Tobin for inviting us along.

Happy Easter! My family came over for an Easter lunch after church on Sunday. After dessert, I "hid" some Easter eggs in the front yard and we all went outside to watch Zoey "find" them. Zoey thought it was way cool to put the eggs in her basket. Here she is showing off her loot. Bless her heart. She did all the work to find the eggs and Dave and I get to eat all the candy.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hello, Sunshine!

The weather today was absolutely gorgeous. So, we played outside. The time has come to break out the shorts and crocs. And, boy, does she look cute in both. After months of long sleeves, pants and socks, it's so fun to see the baby rolls on her arms and legs.

We only played outside for a few minutes before Dave came home. Lately, Zoey is absolutely enamored with her daddy. During the day when he's at work, she wanders around the house asking, "Da?" And once he's home, watch out. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can keep her apart from her favorite guy. Since day light savings time began, Dave has been coming home from work and going for a jog with Zo in tow. He gets to run, Zoey gets to be with "Da" and I get some time to fix dinner and clean up. It's perfect. The only trouble is when they come home from the jog, Dave hops in the shower and I have the most difficult time trying to convince Zoey that daddy is still here and he'll be out to play with her in just 10 minutes. She just looks at me with sad eyes and asks, "Da?"

I LOVE that she loves her daddy.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

snow??? Texas??? March???...of course!

Yes, you read the date correctly. Today is March 6th, 2008 and 9 inches of the most beautiful snow fell today. The crazy thing was how the temperatures have yo-yoed the last few days. In fact, yesterday Dave took Zoey for a walk while wearing shorts. And today...SNOW. The schools are closed tomorrow so Dave will get to stay home with us and, hopefully, we'll have a chance to take Zoey out and let her experience her first snow.

Hope you all stay warm and dry.

This is the view from our porch looking out to the front yard. Look...half of the mailbox is covered.

Our poor bushes.

Our back yard and the neighbor's tree...gorgeous.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a trip to the ER

Last week Zoey was running an on-and-off fever. She was very clingy and very moody. I just assumed it was teething related. She was cutting a molar and with that came lots of drool and a I thought. Apparently, a fever over 101 is not teething. I now know that it's a sign that there is a virus or an infection.

Dave was at a Robotics competition all day Saturday and Zoey and I hung out at the house. She never left my side for more than a few seconds before she would return to my arms for hugs and cuddles. If she even thought I was leaving the area, she broke down into uncontrollable sobs. She was still napping very well and her appetite was unchanged. She was not sleeping well at night and she was drinking more water than usual but other than that, she seemed ok.

After Dave got home Saturday evening, the three of us ate dinner and played and everything was great. Dave read to Zoey and put her to bed and she fell asleep with no trouble at all. Two hours later she started to whimper. I went in to check on her and she was burning up and asking for water. Dave helped me take her temp rectally and it registered 104.9. YIKES!!! We've been so blessed with Zoey's health...we have no experience with fevers. We gave her some Tylenol and called the on-call nurse at our pediatrician's office. The nurse checked with the on-call doctor and asked us to bring Zoey in. So at 10pm on Saturday night we were headed to the place where no one wants to ever have to bring their baby. The Emergency Room.

The ER nurse checked Zoey's temp and, thankfully, the Tylenol had lowered it to 102. She was given a dose of Motrin and we went back to the waiting room to wait to see the doctor. So, what was it like having a 14-month-old in the waiting room at 11:30pm? Absolutely fine. She was perfect. There were a couple of times I looked over at Dave and asked him to remind me why we were here. She was playing, eating cheerios, chatting and reading books. She had cooled down completely. She kept waving bye-bye to anyone and everyone she saw and she kept doing the sign for all done. I think she was ready to leave.

The doctor saw her at midnight and he diagnosed her with a double ear infection. My poor baby. He wrote us a prescription for an antibiotic and a decongestant and sent us on our way. After stopping by CVS to get the scripts filled, we headed home. Zoey was in bed by 1:30am and Dave and I were right behind her.

As we were driving home on University Drive, Dave mentioned how strange it was for so many people to be out on the road at this hour. Then we remembered that 1:30am on a Saturday used to be no big deal for either of us.

We are definitely not in college anymore.