Tuesday, June 23, 2009

it's package time

Josh, Erika & Leo sent us a package that arrived at kamp yesterday. We brought it with us on our 24 and we had the best time opening everything. The Wiese Trio had decorated the outside of the box with all sorts of fun things and the many packages inside were all wrapped and had color-coded ribbons. The color of the ribbon let us know whose it was. Zoey had the best time digging into the box and pulling out each present. It took her all of 2 seconds to figure out which colored ribbon was hers and she specifically found hers first. Thanks to Josh, Erika and Leo for a very fun package. We can't wait to play/wear/eat/color our new gifts.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ruby's Namesake

Our little Ruby Ellen is named after one of our most dear friends, Ellen Singleton. Here are a couple of pics of them together and a short video clip of Ruby telling Ellen how much she adores her and how glad she is that they share the same name. :) I love how Ruby just looks at Ellen with such a determined stare. It's like she has so much to say to her, but she just can't quite get it out. So sweet!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What we've been doing at kamp so far...

We got our cabin all set up! This is the main room and off to the right is the girls' room.

We make silly faces with Katie.

We cuddle on the couch with "widdle sissy."

We change lots of diapers on our little Muffin.

We hang out with Katie (our babysitter), & Sarah (my head office girl).

We get new haircuts. Well, I did anyway.

We nap alot.

We play at the pool.

We go for bike rides.

We take time off...aka 24s.

We have snacks with our friends.

We watch DVDs on raining days & put on boots and try to walk around.


Friday, June 12, 2009

a pink one, please

On Saturday morning, after we had been at kamp for a week, we told Zoey that we were taking her to get a very special surprise.
A big girl bike!!!
She gave us the biggest blank stare.
Then we told her it was like her friend, PJ's, bike.
She looked at us and said, "But I wanna pink one, please."
You got it, girl.
Here are a couple of shots of her riding her new bike in Wal-Mart. She hopped right on and took off down the aisle.