Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Festival & Trick-or-Treating

The Saturday before Halloween, my mom and I took the girls to our church's fall festival. Unfortunately Dave had a robotics competition so he missed out on all the fun we had. Bummer! But, even though we missed Dave terribly, we did manage to have a great day!!!

There was a petting zoo...

 ...balloon animals, face painting and bright sunshine.

 There was also pop corn, bounce houses and lots of games.

 How cute are they waiting their turn for a game???
Jessie and Cinderella.

 There was a little tractor-pulled train that they loved.

Maggie loved it, too!

Ruby turned out to be a master golfer. I'm so proud.

Thank you, Grammy, for coming with us!

I love my sweeties!

 Out of energy.

Way too much energy!

Now, onto Halloween!
Getting ready to hit the neighborhood for a little trick-or-treating with Mary & Cinderella...

...and Army man, Dave...

...and cute baby, Maggie.

Here's what Ruby had to say about the whole going door to door and begging for candy. She's wise beyond her years.

 Now it's time to pass out some candy...

 ...and eat some candy!

Happy Halloween from the Cribbs Family!

Monday, October 24, 2011

lil' bruiser

A few weeks ago the girls were playing outside with Dave and while they were climbing on the trailer in our garage, Ruby slipped and bonked her cheek. Poor baby. She's very adventurous and tries so hard to keep up with Zoey. Usually she does a really good job but sometimes she just can't. This was one of those times. I hate that she got hurt but I LOVED cuddling with her for an hour while we kept a cold pack on her face. It was pretty puffy for the first couple of hours but the swelling went down after a bit and the bruising set in after a couple of days. She's a tough cookie. I love my lil' bruiser.

saturday...the day it happened

Here is a video of Zoey comforting her little sister.

saturday afternoon



She recovered very quickly and no longer has any bruising. Thanks for asking about her and for caring about our sweet Ruby-Dooby.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Fun

My mom, sister and I took all the kiddos...Zoey (almost 5), Leo (3), Ruby (2 1/2), Etta (9mos), & Maggie (9mos) the pumpkin patch yesterday. We had so much fun even though it was 80 degrees. Nothing like dripping with sweat to get you ready for Halloween. Here are some pics from our adventure. We got some great pics, went on a hayride, and jumped in the bounce houses. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween!!!