Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ZoZo wuvs baby sissy Woo-bee Eh-nuh

While I was pregnant I prayed so many times for our new family dynamic. I prayed that we would all make a smooth transition to a family of four. I prayed for wisdom and discernment on how to manage two kids. I prayed for the Lord to make room in my heart to love a new baby. But one of the things that really burdened my heart was praying for Zoey to be a good big sister and to love the new baby. Well, my prayers have been answered above and beyond my wildest expectations. Zoey is not just a good big sister...she is a GREAT big sister and she loves her Ruby Ellen with her whole heart.

Here is a conversation that takes place in our home several times everyday:

mama: "Let's get ready to go for a walk/go to the grocery store/go outside."
Zoey: "Vif Woo-bee Eh-nuh!?!?!?"
mama: "Yes, baby. With Ruby Ellen."

Zoey is very concerned with Ruby's whereabouts and always wants to make sure Ruby is included in all of our activities from mealtimes to bath time to fun times.

I'm sure we will have our moments when Zoey wants her space from her little sister, but I am so thankful our first month with two little girls has been so wonderful.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ruby Squeaks & Zoey Sings

Ruby makes the funniest noises. She is very vocal but the majority of her sounds are made while she sleeps.

When it's time to put Ruby down for a nap, Zoey insists on singing to her. This is a brief rendition of 'Jesus Loves Me.' She is such a sweet big sister.

Monday, April 6, 2009

2 weeks old

I took Ruby to her 2-week check-up this morning. And here are her stats...
weight: 9lbs, 6.4oz (90%)
height: 22in (95%)
Our lives have been so blessed by having Ruby in our lives these last two weeks. She is the perfect addition to our family.