Wednesday, May 22, 2013

AWANAs Awards

This year both Zoey and Ruby participated in AWANAs at our church. Zoey completed her first year of Sparkies and Ruby completed her first year of Cubbies. They loved their leaders and they learned so much. Zoey memorized 23 verses and all 66 books of the Bible. Most importantly, Zoey started to understand how much God loves her. She realized that because of her sin she needed a savior and this spring Zoey asked Jesus into her heart!!! Praise the LORD! Ruby memorized 31 verses! She also memorized some of the books of the Bible along with Zoey. Ruby has an AMAZING memory and some weeks she would memorize her verse AND Zoey's. We are so proud of these girls for all the hard work they did this year in AWANAs. Good job, girls!


Our wonderful friend, Sarah...who you might remember from Sam's birth...babysat Sam for us so we could get some good and focused time with the 3 girls. As soon as we walked in the door, they made a mad dash to the bathroom to grab all the hairbrushes and combs to "style" Ms Sarah's hair. She is such a good friend and a good sport. And let me tell you...her hair looked fabulous!


Grammy said...

Grammy's so proud of you, Zoey & Ruby! You are awesome! I love the way God is already preparing you for service in His kingdom. Goid job!!

lisa said...

Good job, girls! We love you so much!!